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The Monk’s Tale

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The Monk’s Tale by Nathan Tamblyn

The Monk’s Tale is a really sweet self-published collection of original readings, fables and meditations told from the perspective of a monk as he seeks to understand the nature of life and happiness.

It gives an extraordinary insight into how we can avoid unhappiness and unnecessary frustrations and stay happy. One of my favourite quotes from the book reminds us that our pre-conceived ideas and the situations we find ourselves in have a huge influence on how we see things.

Good describes a situation in comparison with its opposite. Not only that, but what is good or bad also depends on context, which itself is changeable.”

Throughout The Monk’s Tale book gives us wonderful little lessons told through the eyes the monk, these are followed by easy to understand explanations of what the tale teaches us.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read, and have found myself thinking about the lessons many times. It is a simple but mindful book that I dip back in to from time to time.

Well worth a read.

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