Yoni Shakti (women’s yoga)

Yoni Shakti can be translated as source power or womb yoga and has been developed by the wonderful Uma Dinsmore-Tuli to help us all deepen our understanding of the feminine roots of yoga practice.

Uma says Yoni Shakti: “Supports the practice of yoga that honours and respects femininity, womb cycles and the deep cyclical wisdom of women’s cycles. This respectful honouring of women’s cycles is also an honouring of our mother, the earth, so womb yoga practice can be seen as a radical practice of deep ecology.”

Central to the concept of Yoni Shakti are the yoga practices that come together to liberate our source power or Yoni Shakti. These practices are suitable for women at any stage of their lives, and there are specific practices to help and guide us at different times in our life cycle.

Yoni Shakti practices and the stages in a women’s life cycle are associated with different tantric Wisdom Goddesses. These Goddesses’ Yantra representations (geometric representations of energy) each resonate with a particular form of awareness. Each one of the great wisdom goddesses is seen as having a particular dimension of consciousness associated with different cycles of a women’s life.

Yoni Shakti helps us foster a connection with our feminine intuitive wisdom by honouring the womb as a physical organ but also as a symbol of our connection with mother consciousness and the source of our inner wisdom.