The latest from the Equanimity Yoga bookshelf. This is where I share with you the books I have been reading.

The Monkโ€™s Tale
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The Monkโ€™s Tale by Nathan Tamblyn The Monk’s Tale is a really sweet self-published collection of original readings, fables and meditations told from the perspective of a monk as he seeks to understand the nature of life and happiness. It gives an extraordinary insight into how we can avoid unhappiness … Read more >

Hatha Yoga
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Hatha Yoga, the report of a personal experience by Theos Bernard This is a fascinating book recounting a personal experience of the practices within the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (HYP). Theos Bernard explores the bredth of yogic practices from asana (posture), kriyas (purification), pranayama (breathing), mudras (gestures) to Samadhi (bliss). Some … Read more >

Yoga Girl
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Yoga Girl: Finding Happiness, Cultivating Balance and Living With Your Heart Open Wide by Rachel Brathen I loved this book. I picked it up shortly before boarding a flight from Canada and by the time I reached the UK I had finished it. I was glued to Rachelโ€™s inspiring story, … Read more >